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Wear your wires with the Budwrap! Now you can show off your snazzy earphones, keep them tangle-free, and have convenient access to music listening all from your wrist. Don't want to wear the Budwrap on your wrist? No problem -- just wrap your headphones around the Budwrap itself and throw it in your bag, or stretch the Budwrap over your smartphone to hold your earbuds directly on your mobile device.

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More About Budwrap...

Cool Idea. Where’d it Come From?

Find out more about the inventor, the birth of the Budwrap, and the three year journey of a “guy with no clue” still trying to pursue his dream.About the Inventor

On or Off the Wrist…

You can keep your earbud wires nice and neat when you’re not wearing the Budwrap on your wrist too. Watch some videos and see some more pictures here:Find Out More

Do You Have More Colors?

We are in the process of building inventory. More colors will definitely come in the future!